Provincial Governments New COVID Restrictions
As of Sunday, May 9th 2021 at 11:59 pm, outdoor sports and recreation, including golf, is limited to members of your household; or if living alone, to two close contacts. So league play will be suspended and reviewed after May 25th.

START DATE IS May 5th 2021

Welcome Back to the Didsbury Senior/50 Plus Golf 2021 Season.  We will be working under government imposed interim restrictions and procedures at this time. These restrictions create some interesting and challenging dynamics and we are already late out of the gate.  We ask for your understanding and cooperation for the early part of the season.   We do this as best we can for social interaction and fun.


DATE:  WED.  JUNE 10/20






Ron Davis

9:00 am

Lou Meikljohn

10:24 am

Steve Neilsen


Rod Meikljohn


Vance Van Dam


Andrew Jackson


Leo Dussault


Wilma Pochapsky


9:12 am

Don Krebs

10:36 am

Linda Barran


Gord Krebs


Nick Barran


Ed Krebs


Myrna Kelly


Marg Halifax


Peter Tsiras

9:24 am


10:48 am

Ron Boyko


Fred Conners


Larry Bunnah


Harold Krebs

9:36 am


11:00 am

Pat Krebs


Randy MacKenzie


Dave Franz


Gerry Erickson

9:48 am


Donna Reimer


Brian Wilson


Anja Wilson


Donna Davis

10:00 am


Lorraine Weigum


Doug Bruce


Louise Bruce


Norm Quantz

10:12 am


Jerry Elliot


Garry Durell


Earl Markham


TOTAL # PLAYERS:    35                 


INTERIM PROCEDURES:  (Subject to change as conditions change.)

General conditions.

  1. We cannot collect daily fee money and cannot pay out daily prize money.
  2. We will not collect the annual registration fee, as wind-up lunch capability is unknown. If/when this changes we will plan accordingly later in the year.
  3. The restaurant is open for business. There are restrictions on social gathering at the golf club as imposed by Alberta Health Services.  Find out what they are and please abide by them as contravention could jeopardize the golf course operation.


  1. We cannot gather in the usual way on Wednesday mornings due to distancing restrictions, so if you are planning on golfing on any given Wednesday, we will be having a phone-in/drop-in pre-sign up procedure. (See below)
  2. No shotgun starts are allowed so we will have to go out in groups of four based on tee times set aside on Wednesday mornings. Tee times will be set aside from 9:00am to 11:00am and run at 12-minute intervals.
  3. Pre-sign up will be open until 12 noon on the Monday prior to play on the following Wednesday. Pre-sign up can be done by phone-in or drop-in at the pro shop.  PHONE: 403 335-3635
  4. When you sign up to play indicate if you will be carting or walking. If you are looking for a cart share ride you will have to make your own arrangements or rent a club cart.
  5. All you have to do is sign up. Once I have the list of players for a given Wednesday, I will assign groups and tee times.  Once set, the groups and tee times will be available at the pro shop by Monday afternoon by 2:00PM. You can call in or drop in anytime after that to determine your tee time and group.
  6. If you are signed up please make every effort to show up.  We realize things come up so do the best you can.



  1. Since there is no prize money there will be no assigned daily side games.
  2. You can keep a scorecard for your group purposes but we will not be gathering them at this time.
  3. There are on-course distancing rules in effect. Check with the pro shop for details.

Thank, Ron Davis

If you have questions give me a call.  403 586-7262(cell) or 403 335-2285(res)

Book a tee time

Phone (403) 335-3635

Please Remember:

Membership Form

Junior Membership click on the teamsnap link below


Repair pitchmarks
Repair Divots
Play quickly (9 holes should take 2 hours)
Play quietly - no shouting
Smart jeans allowed - no T-shirts/offensive designs
Respect other players on the course!
Keep carts off of mounds